Tres Ojos de Agua Farm & Garden

View of the farm house from the garden.

Tres Ojos de Agua is a one acre farm located in Santa Cruz on Highland Ave near UCSC and Spring St. The land has been in the family since 1967 and was the neighbor to the Cowell Ranch in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This land has been called Tres Ojos de Agua (Three Eyes of Water or Three Springs) since 1844, when it was one of the original Spanish land grants in Santa Cruz. The Italian settlers were fortunate to find three year round springs to water their 200 acre ranch and now our 1 acre garden. We are in our third year since resurrecting the old farm and continuing the rich agricultural heritage of this land. Currently we are growing flowers, including several varieties of sunflowers and Provence Lavender. We are blessed with a rich dark sandy clay loam soil, clean abundant water and the patience for starting a small farm within the city limits of Santa Cruz. We are non-certified organic and use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our products.

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